The Montgomery
Level Difference.

Slope indicators.

8 tools in one.

No calibrating.

See the Montgomery Level in action. Its patented bubble degree and pitch is like no other level on the market.

“Everything a digital level can do at half the price!”

While all levels have plumb and level indicators, Montgomery Levels are unique in that they also have slope indicators. Now measuring the pitch or degree of a slope is easier than ever! The Montgomery Level is durable and easy to use and unlike digital levels, there is no need for calibrating.

We pride ourselves in knowing our levels are made from the highest quality materials and that each level is thoroughly tested for accuracy and durability. Every level is hand inspected, climate tested, and drop tested, to ensure that you receive a superior product that is guaranteed to last. We want our customers to be as confident in our level’s precision as we are.

Think of it as having 8 tools in one. Each level can check or be used as:

  • Plumb
  • Level
  • Pitch
  • Degree
  • Grade
  • Standard Ruler
  • Metric Ruler
  • Straight Edge

The Montgomery Level has been featured in places like DIY Network™, HGTV™, Home Channel News™, and Popular Mechanics™.


The Standard and Arc Vials are accurate to the highest bubble standards, with the the Standard Vial measuring to within +/- .000499″ and the Arc Vial measuring to within +/- .3°. The Montgomery Level provides accuracy in extreme conditions and gives precise measurements in temperatures from 20ºF to 130ºF.


The Montgomery Level is built to last, with a box profile extruded from high quality aluminum with high tensile property. The level is also classified as marine grade and has a significant degree of resistance to corrosion.


No more guess work or complicated math problems! With one hand, the Montgomery Level slope indicator can tell you the pitch or degree of an angle, it’s as simple as that. As the inventor, Matthew Montgomery, says “It’s so easy a 5 year old could do it!” Unlike digital levels, the Montgomery Level requires no calibration, so it’s always ready right when you need it.


The Montgomery Level saves you time and money. Now a two person job of taking the measurement of a slope can be done with just one hand. The immediate measurement results save time and cut out tedious calculations. While the level’s accuracy save money by cutting down on material waste and measurement errors.